Friday, August 30, 2013

What Else The Group Knows

This is where I post information that the group knows. It beats rewriting it multiple times for each character.

  • Jacqueline had something stolen by Time Travelers
  • Everyone has seen the mysterious pirate airship
  • The Russian Government developed a disease that can be dropped from the skies. You only stopped the initial shipment. Who knows if they are still developing it and are planning on dropping more of it elsewhere?
  • The 6 giant war machines created by the Turks were supposed to be shipped back to Turkey. However, none of them made it back from Greece. They had left at different dates and times and from different places. It now appears that one of these was captured by the Germans and modified for their own use.
  • Sultan Hasan bin Mustafa was overthrown in a coup by conservatives because of his elevation of a woman to position of Treasurer. He then showed up at the South American pyramid with a group of other supers. Your group defeated them.
  • A find from the pyramid is a metal cube which shows a ghostly figure of an insect-type creature. This same type creature was shot by the British Army when you saved the first British space ship from being destroyed by German giant robots. That same cube has since gone inactive.
  • From the agreement with the “Atlanteans”, you were able to find out more of the war of the gods. The war devastated Atlantis and it sank. The war then moved out to the planets, where one of them was destroyed along with all of the inhabitants.
  • Apparently, Broyan and Oscar Wilde seem to have an unusually close relationship. Two grown men shouldn't behave that way!
  • From Montague's future contacts, the alien insect invasion is scheduled for several years from now. (Note from the GM, there are more stories to cover before this story can be told.)
  • There is a U.S. Government department that is operating its own covert group of supers. You were able to convince them to leave your group alone.
  • Jacqueline inadvertently let it slip that she does not have a husband and that everything she's done is of her own abilities.
  • Broyan got outed as homosexual at the revival meeting in front of 8000-10000 people.

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