Friday, August 30, 2013


This is where I will post public information about the characters. PLEASE, if you have played this game and know some of the secrets not yet revealed, DO NOT post them. Do not ruin the surprise for future players. I will update this as secrets are revealed during play. Also, I have pictures associated with the characters printed out for the game. Due to copyright concerns (fair use is apparently no longer fair), I will not be posting them on this blog.

So without further ado, I present


Broyan, Man Of Brass:       Australian adventurer who can turn his skin to brass.

Jacqueline O'Connor:           American wife of Capt. Joseph O'Connor. She can get people to do what she wants.

Madam Nadya:                   Gypsy fortune teller, can summon forth spirits.

Magus Amasis:                    Magician and escape artist. It has been revealed he can walk through walls.

Mama Odelia:                      New Orleans voodoo queen. She has zombie servants and a collection of voodoo dolls, just in case.

Montague Sinclair:              British consulting detective. It is known he knows people from the future.

Paddy O'Rouke:                  Irish reporter for the London Daily Standard newspaper. Also author of a series of adventure stories based on the group's adventures. And he can turn invisible.

Dr. S. Putzkammer:            German scientist/inventor. Tends to get easily distracted.

Vladimir Petrov:                  Russian faith healer. Needs medication to maintain stability. Can also steal the life force from someone else and use it himself.

What Else The Group Knows

This is where I post information that the group knows. It beats rewriting it multiple times for each character.

  • Jacqueline had something stolen by Time Travelers
  • Everyone has seen the mysterious pirate airship
  • The Russian Government developed a disease that can be dropped from the skies. You only stopped the initial shipment. Who knows if they are still developing it and are planning on dropping more of it elsewhere?
  • The 6 giant war machines created by the Turks were supposed to be shipped back to Turkey. However, none of them made it back from Greece. They had left at different dates and times and from different places. It now appears that one of these was captured by the Germans and modified for their own use.
  • Sultan Hasan bin Mustafa was overthrown in a coup by conservatives because of his elevation of a woman to position of Treasurer. He then showed up at the South American pyramid with a group of other supers. Your group defeated them.
  • A find from the pyramid is a metal cube which shows a ghostly figure of an insect-type creature. This same type creature was shot by the British Army when you saved the first British space ship from being destroyed by German giant robots. That same cube has since gone inactive.
  • From the agreement with the “Atlanteans”, you were able to find out more of the war of the gods. The war devastated Atlantis and it sank. The war then moved out to the planets, where one of them was destroyed along with all of the inhabitants.
  • Apparently, Broyan and Oscar Wilde seem to have an unusually close relationship. Two grown men shouldn't behave that way!
  • From Montague's future contacts, the alien insect invasion is scheduled for several years from now. (Note from the GM, there are more stories to cover before this story can be told.)
  • There is a U.S. Government department that is operating its own covert group of supers. You were able to convince them to leave your group alone.
  • Jacqueline inadvertently let it slip that she does not have a husband and that everything she's done is of her own abilities.
  • Broyan got outed as homosexual at the revival meeting in front of 8000-10000 people.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dave's Shortcut for Champions

As much as I like Champions for role-playing, it can get cumbersome going through all the minutiae for combat. I spent several years trying to come up with a streamlined system and the first model was smoother but still cumbersome. Then I took a look at it from a different angle and came up with a method that is much quicker and only takes one roll of the dice.

One of the things I did was to not worry about Killing dice. Just make them the equivalent in normal dice.

Here's how it works:

Calculate your to-hit number. If you make it, multiply the number of damage dice by 1 and assume no body. If you make it by 1, multiply the number of damage dice by 2 and multiply the maximum BODY damage that can be done by 20%. Continue this until you can make it by 5 or more. It will generate the following chart:

Make To-Hit Roll By STUN Damage multiplier BODY Damage multiplier
0 1 0.0
1 2 .4
2 3 .8
3 4 1.2
4 5 1.6
5 6 2.0

For example, Blastor attacks The Rok with a 10d6 attack that does a maximum of 20 BODY. He makes his attack by 2. That means he does (10*3) 30 STUN and (20*.4) 8 BODY damage. The Rok still gets to apply his defenses.

The interesting thing about this is that the more likely you are to hit a target, the more likely you can do maximum damage. The reverse is true. If it's very hard to hit the target, you're less likely to do maximum damage. Some people may balk at this but, in general, I am more interested in the story being told than the details of the combat. Sometimes that's important but this method helps me speed up the story-telling.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


After each Gencon, I'll post updates to the stories. Trying to do it during the convention would be silly! The format I'm using here will be based on the title of the book that Paddy wrote but the synopsis would be what actually happened in game, not what Paddy wrote.

Book 1 - A Colossal Return
An antique stolen from Jacqueline's exhibit at the British Museum is followed to Greece where a giant walking statue is delivered to Turkey and set loose upon the innocent citizens. The group works together to stop the statue and retrieve the artifact. The artifact is a controlling gear for the original Colossus of Rhodes which was rebuilt in order to conquer Turkey.

Book 2 - Her Majesty's Iron Soldiers
Body parts kept turning up in the turgid Thames. The odd part is that the parts were surgically removed. The other odd part is that the parts were all appendages. Clues and opportunistic shadowing led to an out-of-the-way place in the country where soldiers were turned into half-soldier, half-machine. The building was destroyed along with all of the soldiers, equipment, scientists. Somehow Magus Amassis was able to walk away from the explosion without damage.

Book 3 - Death from the Skies
News came to Brother Vladimir that people in his village were dying mysteriously. Word then came to him that the Russian government was sending an airship to drop death from the skies. Jacqueline was able to rent an airship to intercept them. A night battle in the skies in which the bags of disease was dumped into the English Channel, never to bother Man again.

Book 4 - A Turkey Dinner
Reports of the Turks conquering Greece using giant war machines got the group to venture to Greece. They split up into two groups. Jacqueline's group were able to convince him (mind control him) to turn over financial control of Turkey over to her and to recall the 6 war machines back to Turkey. The other group was able to destroy the war machine plant and take the plans for building them.

Book 5 - Zombie Apocalypse
Reports of bodies being stolen from battle sites all around the world got the group to investigate. They were able to discover that a necromancer was using them to build a zombie army to protect him as he was killing the Houses of Parliament in order to zombify them and turn the British government over to him. They were able to stop him before he had killed the Members of Parliament. Paddy showed he can turn invisible.

Book 6 - Voyage To The Bottom Of The Ocean
Jacqueline received an invitation to join an expedition to explore the bottom of the ocean to find Atlantis. The group found a glowing underwater city inhabited by fishpeople, but they were not able to visit due to lack of air in city. They did find out about history of ancient war of gods that sank the city. They were also able to arrange an agreement of an exchange of information.

Book 7 - Into The Deepest, Darkest Jungle
Jacqueline has come across a legend of a hidden treasure from an ancient civilization in South America. The group found their way to the site and made their way through it. They discovered that the traps became more advanced the deeper they went. So advanced that not even Montague could understand how they were made. Once finding the treasure room, they found a cube that,when touched, displayed a ghostly image of an insectoid-type creature chittering away. When the group left the treasure room, they encountered former Sultan Hasan bin Mustafa with a group of his own. He had also somehow recovered his mind control gem. The group defeated the Sultan's group and re-recovered the gem.

Book 8 - Space: The Next Frontier
The group was invited to attend the launch of Britain's first orbital space ship. The group was able to successfully prevent two different assassination attempts on the attending diplomats, ambassadors, etc. They also prevented a German Colossus from stopping the launch. The launch was successful however, the landing back at the launch site created a new problem. When the capsule door opened, a creature very much like the one in the cube stepped out. Before anyone can do anything, the British army shot and killed it and then took the body.

Book 9 - Chrononaut
The group was invited to attend a demonstration of a “time machine” in Britain. The inventor turned out to be have been the original inventor of the time travel system in the 28th Century but due to an accident, he was shot back to the 19th Century where he had to recreate time travel with 19th century materials. An alternate timeline was created from this accident and duplicates of the group tried to prevent the inventor from returning and resetting the timeline.
The group was able to allow the inventor to return and the duplicates disappeared. Montague didn't say much more but it is obvious that he is more deeply involved with the time travelers than he let on.

Book 10 - Message Received, We Await Your Reply
The group listened to the box found in story 7. After a while the image of the insectoid was able to translate to English the following message:

Please! Please! Whatever you do, do not bring your war to our planet. Our xxxxxxxx drives are down and we are running on our --------- drive. We are trying to get home as fast as we can”

After a few more minutes, it then said:

We are returning. End transmission.”

Through various investigations they found out the following:
The asteroid field was a planet inhabited by the insectoids and apparently destroyed by humans in the past. The insectoids are now claiming Earth as their own. However, it will be several years before they arrive.
The astronaut from the first rocket who didn't come back is in an alien spaceship in orbit above the Earth.
The group concluded that the ancestors of the Atlanteans were the ones involved in the war that destroyed the aliens' planet.
The group was able to steal the alien body and gather information from it before it was destroyed by the aliens from remote control.

The group has started testing the equipment found in the South American pyramid. The are working on plans to power them up from the Niagara Fall hydroelectric dam.

Book 11 - Think Tank
Jacqueline and Oscar Wilde, along with a significant number of other notables had disappeared. They were traced back to an underground cavern in Norway where the team discovered a secret lair with rows of brains in jars. The group found out that the mechanical brain had been collecting brains for thousands of years to try to understand why humanity rises then falls. It is trying to stop that. Eventually the group was able to shutdown the intelligence and restore the people to their respective bodies. But before that happened, the intelligence predicted that civilization will fall again and soon.

Book 12 - Uncle Sam Wants You. NOW!
Jacqueline's “husband” shows up and tries to begin to go over the finances but it turned out that he was a shapeshifter. The group captured him and relocated him to an empty warehouse for “interrogation”. They didn't get too much information and ended his usefulness. Shortly after that, they were attacked by another group of supers. It took a little while but the group was able to defeat them. They relocated to yet another empty warehouse to “interrogate” the survivors. They were able to learn about a “Department of Paranormal Control” apparently run by a Colonel Masters. After some investigation, the group was able to get Col. Masters in a secluded area and convince him that the group is not a threat and to establish a detente.

Book 13 - The Theory of Evilution
Brother Zachariah was a traveling faith healer preaching the gospel and ranting against “witches”, i.e. people of extraordinary ability. But a short time after he would leave, hate groups would start up and begin terrorizing people who they believed are supers. He was gaining popularity to the point where he could hold a revival in Madison Square Garden. The group tried to intercept him before he could make his appearance but were thwarted by subterfuge. Once Brother Zachariah started calling out members of the congregation for their sins, he pointed to Broyan and called him a sodomite and denounced him for it. He also called out to Vladimir as a brother in Christ, told of his dark side and claimed to be able to heal him of it. Vladimir went up on stage to confront him on it. After a short fight involving several of the group, Zachariah was rendering deeply unconscious. After finding a safe place in which to interrogate him, he was revived. The group finally convinced Zachariah to undo what he did.

Book 14 - Things Man Was Not Meant To Know
The attorney for the estate of Jacqueline's “in-laws” showed up to deliver the news that Jacqueline's widowed “mother-in-law” recently died. As her husband's legal representative, she was requested to attend the reading of the will at the estate in upstate New York. Upon arriving, you were greeted by the same attorney and were introduced to the other relatives. After some snooping around, the group deduced that there is a cult in the family worshiping the “Ancients”, beings of great power. Later in the night, a secret door was found and everyone went down. A little exploration took you to a ceremony in which someone was being sacrificed. You were too late to stop it but not too late to get caught. You were surrounded by a being that you couldn't understand and were taken into the realm of the 4th dimension. It took all of you to get yourselves back. Once back, you arranged to have the remaining cultists arrested and imprisoned.

Book 15 - A Stone's Throw Away
On their way back from an adventure and dropping off members, Jacqueline decided to visit Stonehenge before dropping off Montague. As they were hovering above in the airship, they noticed that one of the lentil stones was hovering over the monument. And then they noticed a young man seeming to manipulate the stone. He also had a book with him similar to the others that Jacqueline has stashed away. After trying to resolve the poor fellow's pining away for his “sweet sixteen” (and failing), they reached an agreement that the poor fellow would translate the book he had and also translate the titles of the books Jacqueline has for passage to where he wanted to go. The group just met a young Edward Leedskalnin before he builds his Coral Castle in Florida.

Book 16 - Parts Is Parts

Dr. Solvig was suffering from organ failure and was going to die unless she got treatment very soon. Jacqueline put the word out to find someone that can help. She received word that there was a “Doctor” Adam Newman who was helping poor people with seemingly miraculous cures. The group was able to track him down and arranged to have Solvig's failing organ replaced. During their time with him, they realized that this “doctor” was the original Frankenstein's monster and he was helping the poor and those he couldn't help, he harvested their organs. They also found out that he was creating his own “army” of reanimated people, many of whom he taught his secrets of reanimation that he got from Dr. Frankenstein. As it turned out, that book was actually another ancient tome and Jacqueline was able to acquire it amicably. The group concluded that as long as the “monster” did not provide a threat to the group, they'll leave him and his “army” alone.

Book 17 - Look At What We Dug Up

One of Jacqueline's research expeditions turned up an interesting find in China. Upon arrival, they found a vast army of clay buried beneath the ground. Further research turned up the original tomb of first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. What they didn't know was that someone else had sneaked inside and found the Emperor's armor and put it on. That armor controlled the clay army and soon the group was under attack by them. They were able to eventually defeat the person in the armor, only to find out that it was Ling Song, Jacqueline's Chinese cleaning woman! Further research showed that she was in league with former sheikh Hasan bin Mustafa and had been for a LONG time.

Book 18 - Terror In The Skies

Jacqueline had had enough of the airship pirate and as no one else was doing anything about it, her group would. When they found it and caught up with it, the found out it was no ordinary airship. Instead of being covered in a cloth-like material, it was covered in some sort of ceramic! And very smooth! The group, being the group, was able to easily overcome any resistance and take over the airship. It is not like any airship ever seen! The inside and outside seems to defy gravity in a way the group can't figure out. It has been taken back to Jacqueline's airfield for further study.