Friday, August 30, 2013


This is where I will post public information about the characters. PLEASE, if you have played this game and know some of the secrets not yet revealed, DO NOT post them. Do not ruin the surprise for future players. I will update this as secrets are revealed during play. Also, I have pictures associated with the characters printed out for the game. Due to copyright concerns (fair use is apparently no longer fair), I will not be posting them on this blog.

So without further ado, I present


Broyan, Man Of Brass:       Australian adventurer who can turn his skin to brass.

Jacqueline O'Connor:           American wife of Capt. Joseph O'Connor. She can get people to do what she wants.

Madam Nadya:                   Gypsy fortune teller, can summon forth spirits.

Magus Amasis:                    Magician and escape artist. It has been revealed he can walk through walls.

Mama Odelia:                      New Orleans voodoo queen. She has zombie servants and a collection of voodoo dolls, just in case.

Montague Sinclair:              British consulting detective. It is known he knows people from the future.

Paddy O'Rouke:                  Irish reporter for the London Daily Standard newspaper. Also author of a series of adventure stories based on the group's adventures. And he can turn invisible.

Dr. S. Putzkammer:            German scientist/inventor. Tends to get easily distracted.

Vladimir Petrov:                  Russian faith healer. Needs medication to maintain stability. Can also steal the life force from someone else and use it himself.

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